Do you Hate Winter Hair????

Do you Hate Winter Hair????

Here is a winter hair survival guide.

Blustery winds and freezing cold weather can play havoc with our hair but dry indoor heat and static electricity creates different problems. So how do we survive a Canadian winter?

Fight the static electricity by keeping your hair moist and shiny. If you suffer from dull/dry hair the reason you have problems with the static is because the electrons make themselves at home and repeal each other-causing the hair that stands on end.

So how do we do this? To reduce the flyaway hair, try not to over brush and use a brush made of a natural material like wood. This will help reduce the friction that causes static. Use a moisturizing hair serum that contains bamboo extract and argan oil to also help repel static charge.

Combat that dry frizzy hair by choosing products that contain essential fatty acids and humectants, which help to attract and hold moisture. If your hair is thick or curly try using a deep conditioner that you leave in your hair for ½ hour and if your hair is thin and fine try usimg a light leave-in spray conditioner in addition to your regular conditioner.

Repair split ends.

These are caused by heat, over-combing, washing or wearing it up in a tight ponytail or bun. The best way is to cut them off but you can try coating the ends lightly in oil such as coconut to keep them strong.

Dandruff, give it the brush-off.

Choose a shampoo that contains natural ingredients such as rosemary or tea tree oil which has antifungal, dandruff fighting properties. Reduce the amount of hair styling products and you could turn up the humidity in your house with a humidifier.

Avoid hat hair

When choosing a winter hat consider what the hat is made of: avoid synthetic materials. Choose natural fabrics such as cashmere, wool and cotton to reduce the frizz. Look for a style that gives you a roomy and non-clinging hat to help avoid sticky, flat, matted locks.

Winter Supplements for Your Hair

Besides having a nutrient dense diet and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated here are some supplements to help boost your hair health. Zinc helps support hair growth. Vitamin D also promotes hair growth. Finally, B vitamins help to make your hair thick and shiny.

But remember if you have a diet rich in these minerals and vitamins supplementation should not be needed. So eat variety and colour to receive all the nutrients needed for the winter hair.

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