Reconnecting with the Earth

Reconnecting with the Earth

Wiggling our toes in the summer grass, sinking our fingers in our garden, or having the ocean waves wash over our feet as we stroll along the beach. All of these give us a sense of happiness and well-being when we reconnect to our planet.

Scientists and other accredited people are now wondering why? 

Getting Grounded

The human body is bio electrical in nature. To our bodies this is the functions of our cells, nervous system and more are governed by electric power and pulses of energy in the body. Our planet also holds an incredible amount of energy. Scientists believe that the electrons and fluids found in the earth’s core generates a continuous, powerful magnetic force, energy fields and radiation.

If the earth’s energy is linked to our health and wellness, scientists are worried we may have become too disconnected from these forces. Paved streets, high rise buildings, and other elements are insulating our modern lifestyles which might be blocking our access to the power of nature, thus throwing our bodies’ electrical cycle out of whack. Getting grounded or coming back into contact with the surface of the earth and reconnecting with its energy may be the answer, this is called earthing.


Research studies have found that earthing may help various major health problems. It has shown benefits from chronic pain, reduced stress and anxiety plus improved sleep. For example, research in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reports that being physically connected to the earth “may be the primary factor regulating endocrine and nervous systems.” The same study also noted that it affects blood glucose levels and concentrations of magnesium, iron, and other nutrients in our blood.


The best way to achieve this is with bare-skinned contact with the ground. But that is not always feasible, especially for those of us who live and work in urban environments. Nature offers multiple benefits beyond simply the grounding aspect, here are some different resources as a backup plan if you cannot get outdoors, earthing shoes, universal pads, sheets and mattresses and auto seat pads.

If you would like more information about earthing products and their benefits check out The Earthing Institute at

Other grounding ideas you should follow are: to try and do it at least 2 to 3 times per day. Even a five minute break outside can be an energizing boost. If you have mobility issues, use a chair, simply sit on the chair and put your bare feet on the ground. Bring water, damp soil is more conductive and can accelerate how quickly you feel the benefits of earthing. If concrete is your second best option, you can even utilizing your basement’s concrete floor. To be conductive, the concrete must be unsealed and unpainted. Asphalt, vinyl, or wood surfaces are not conductive and therefore do not give you any earthing benefits. Last but not least go the beach, wading and swimming is exceptionally beneficial because the minerals found in the oceans are highly conductive and lakes can be mildly conductive depending on their mineral content.

In Canada we are very fortunate to having one of the world’s oldest and most extensive public park systems. Summer is a great time to explore our great Canadian outdoors, so go out and enjoy earthing.


Gwen Cottingham,

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Life Coach

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