Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Have you hesitated to share the real you? Putting your story on the internet for ALL to see? Friends, frenemies, family, colleagues? Afraid of what others may think or say?

I can relate I prefer to be quiet, private. I am not sure that anyone wants to hear or cares about my story. I was challenged to be uncomfortable. Although I have shown vulnerability with some more intimate friends and such, it is time to step outside the comfort zone. As they say, the magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.  Here I go….

Hi, I am Gwen Cottingham a registered nutritionist and certified life coach. My passion is to provide simple and nutritional solutions with “no gimmicks” to enable people to have a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable. It is time to bring the fun back into real food and bring the family back into the kitchen.

My Why…

My story begins in my early 20’s. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after a miscarriage and food allergies to just about everything under the sun.  In addition to the food allergies I was also severely positive for many seasonal allergies.  I was placed on Synthryoid and took this medication until I was in my 40’s.  Being on this medication many changes occurred to my body, both internally and externally. The biggest was the weight gain. Regardless of what I tried, I was unsuccessful in meeting my goals. Their were different diets and I even exercised my little heart out only to feel frustrated and a failure. After having my second child, I never gained any additional weight from this point, but it took me over 20 years before I lost anything at all. To make matters worse, I began getting bad side effects that were negatively impacting my quality of life and contributing to my depression and unhappiness. This all resulted in me developing Hashimoto’s, Syndrome X and many other autoimmune disorders, 5 in total.

Enough was enough! I was tired of looking and feeling FAT! Of feeling unhealthy!

My relationship and mindset about nutrition and health was very negative and was continuing to become worse. I knew I had to do something. I had trusted in our conventional medical system but it was not enough. This is when I started to seek out non-conventional medicine. I realized that having a happy and healthy lifestyle required the right mindset while combining both conventional and non-conventional methods.

Being trained as a lifestyle coach and a Reiki instructor brought me into the right mindset for myself. Removing the guilt, the negative emotions and rebuilding my relationship with food directed me into more positive discussions that allowed me share feelings resulting in a shift in the right direction towards my goals.

Introducing a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) into my life was a game changer. Working together with both the Naturopathic Doctor and my Conventional Doctor I went off the medication for my hypothyroidism. This led me to become a Registered Nutritionist adding more tools to my own personal toolbox.

I rebuilt my health and my relationship with food. Working with non-conventional medicine I removed many of my food allergies and was able to reintroduce many foods that I was not able to have prior. I have built the knowledge and healthy relationship with food to achieve many of my goals without the gimmicks and adding some fun into it.

Our world and our own lives are consistently changing. We (Me included) experience challenges, traumas, and a wide variety of life experiences.  At times it can seem complicated, difficult and impossible. What worked for us in our 20’s is different then in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond. Additionally your definition of a healthy and happy lifestyle is different (as it should be) than mine, your neighbours and even some family members. It is also something that is continuously evolving and therefore requires having a regular check up and efforts.

 Achieving the happy and healthy lifestyle begins with you defining it, working on your own mindset, building your own healthy relationship with food.

An Olympian doesn’t decide to become one overnight and even the best of the best whether in sport or business have coaches or mentors of those who have done it before them.

I am here for you and your family so you don’t need to become a certified coach and registered nutritionist.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Gwen Cottingham, RHN, CPP
Mother, Grandmother, Business Woman

Making nutrition simple, fun and sustainable.
Helping you and your family define and build your own happy and healthy life!

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