Ideas for Lunches that do not Include Bread

Ideas for Lunches that do not Include Bread

Say Bye-Bye to bread/sandwiches.

In North America we eat about the same number of sandwiches made with bread as there are people living on the continent—-daily!  THAT IS A LOT OF BREAD!!!!!

The word sandwich was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, from England.  It started one day while he was playing cards.  He asked his cook to bring him meat between 2 slices of bread, as he did not want to get his hands dirty and not use a fork.  Other players then started ordering the “Sandwich”.  Thus the sandwich was invented out of a desire for convenience and we have continued the trend for centuries.

There is something comforting about eating food in a neatly wrapped package.  It is tidy, portable and versatile, like a miniature suitcase packed with your favourite things.  It is also about the sensory experience of being able to eat with your hands.

We can still enjoy our sandwich without the bread.  You just need to change the suitcase wrapping.

Here are some ideas to switch up your choices:

Paleo Wraps-often made of coconut meal, these are low in carbohydrates, free of refined sugar and a good source of healthy fats.  Fill them with the fillings you love such as hummus, veggies and any other filling.

Lettuce or Collard Green Wraps-Collard green leaves are stronger than lettuce.  Try putting meatballs inside with veggies and spices.  You can also try diced chicken, avocado, tomatoes and cheese.

Japanese hand rolls-these are made with nori paper.  You can use different quinoa and brown rice dishes, fish, avocado and cucumber.  Add toasted sesame seeds, soy sauce and wasabi.

Portobello Mushrooms-Use as a bun and fill with assorted cheese and meats.

Grilled Eggplant-try using instead of sliced bread.  This works well with barbequed sliced steak or chicken, onion and red pepper.

Sliced apple or banana-spread some nut or seed butter between two slices of apple/banana and drizzle a touch of honey.

Sliced Cucumber-Slice the long way so your cucumber looks like a hot dog bun.  Nut or seed butters work well here, you could also try sliced meat, diced avocado and sauerkraut.

So thinking outside the box can give you lots of ideas for lunches instead of using bread which can be a food that is very unhealthy for you.  Process bread causes a lot of problems in our bodies, it increases blood sugar, provides us with the wrong fats that lead to cholesterol problems and so on.

So look at trying something different and invent you own sandwich, which one day may be named after you.

Submitted by Gwen Cottingham RHN CCP, 905-778-9998

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