Stretch at Your Desk 
These 10 stretches you can do at your desk will keep you bendy and
feeling good. Like yoga … at your desk. 

  1. Rubber Neck
    Sit up tall and drop your right  ear down towards your right shoulder
    (you don’t have to touch it!) and hold for a few seconds and repeat for
    the left side.
  2. Reach for the Stars
    Interlace your fingers and reach up towards the sky, as high as you
    can … keeping your palms facing up towards the ceiling.
  3. Look Around
    Turn your head the left and try and look over your shoulder and hold
    for a few seconds … repeat on the right.
  4. Bobblehead
    Drop your chin down towards your chest and GENTLY roll your head
    from side to side.
  5. Shrugs
    Raise both shoulders up towards your ears and hold for a few
    seconds and release. Repeat a few times for good measure.
  6. Chest Opener
    Bring your hands behind your back, press your palms together, sit up
    tall and hold for 5–10 seconds.
  7. Seated Toy Soldier
    Sit up tall and extend your right arm all the way up towards the ceiling.
    Straighten your left leg out and raise it up as you bring your right arm
    down and try to touch your left foot. Do 8–10 on each side.
  8. Knee Hugger
    With a bent knee, lift your right leg up and grab it with your arms and

pull it in as close to your chest as you can. Hold for 5–10 seconds and
make sure and do it on the left side, too.

  1. Reach and Bend
    Extend your right arm over your head and reach out as far as you can
    to the left and gently bend over. Hold for a few seconds and do it the
    other way.
  2. Knee Press
    This one stretches out the glutes. With your right ankle on your left
    knee, gently press against the right knee a few times. Of course, after
    you’re done with the right side, be sure and give the left side some
    love, too.
    The Twinkle Toe
    Tap into your inner Fred Astaire by speedily tapping those toes on the floor under
    your desk. Or graduate to a harder (and less inconspicuous) move: Stand in front
    of a small trashcan and lift up those legs to tap the toes on its edge, alternating
    feet, in soccer-drill fashion.
     The Namaste
    Whether you’re praying for a project extension or for more defined arms, this
    move has you covered. Seated upright with feet flat on the floor, bring the palms
    together in front of the chest and push both hands together powerfully until you
    feel the arm muscles contract. Hold the prayer hands pushed together for 20
    seconds. Release and repeat the sequence until you feel a little more zen.
    The Desk Chair Swivel
    Lucky enough to have a fun swivel chair? Use its twirl to your advantage with
    this oblique abs fix. Sitting upright and with the feet hovering over the floor, hold
    the edge of your desk with your fingers and thumb. Next, use the core to swivel
    the chair from side to side. Swish back and forth for 15 rounds.
    The “Weeee” Desk Chair Wheel
    Go ahead, play with your wheelie chair (everyone wants to!). While seated in a
    chair with wheels, position yourself at arm’s length from a desk or table and
    grasp its edge with your hands. Next, engage the core, raise the feet slightly off
    the ground, and pull with your arms until the chair slowly rolls forward and your
    chest touches the desk’s edge. Then roll back by pushing away, with the feet still
    raised. Repeat 20 times, or until you burn holes into the carpet.

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