It’s a great idea to keep a lot of snacks on hand to make them easy to grab, so you can easily make the right decisions. Have them pre-portioned. Here are some ideas for snacks, and how oen you should have them.

Ideas for snack 5 times per week:

1 Hardboiled egg                                           ½ cup raw carrots¾ ounces

hazelnuts                                        fruit with cottage cheese

1 ounce fresh coconut                                trail mix

1 ½ ounces pistachios            ¾ ounce dark chocolate

½ cup yogurt    nuts and seeds 

Ideas for snack 2 times per week:

2 ounces guacamole with veggies         2 ounces beet chips/kale chips

2 slices Ryvita Multi-Grain Crackers    ¾ ounces Organic raw cacao beans

2 slices Wasa multigrain crispbread       2 energy bites of your flavor

2 ounces hummus with veggies          ½ cup flavoured roasted chickpeas

5 olives                                                           granola bar

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