It’s time to start our journey to a health”ier” YOU!

Reboot Yourself

A 6-week program with Gwen Cottingham

What can 6 weeks really do??? It can change your life!! 
Gwen combines her years of being a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with her Certified Life Coaching to pull off the band-aid solutions and take you back to basics and help to build the foundation for you to succeed in YOUR health”ier you journey.

Her mission is to provide simple, fun and sustainable health & nutrition solutions
So yes, 6 weeks creates the foundation for improvement and results for you.

This is a 6 week group coaching & guidance program where Gwen will host a 1 hour live session every week and will cover many different areas in nutrition and health that most people struggle with. She will simplify things so you understand and follow, you will have fun along the way with Gwen and the supportive community all in the same storm but in different boats. Lastly she will use her training and expertise from her Certified Life Coaching training to work through some the obstacle that hold us back from sustaining new habits to achieve the results we desire. 

Additionally you will join into her exclusive community where not only will you receive access to live sessions, tips, recipes and more, but you will also belong  to a community of others choosing to make healthier choices everyday where you can participate in sharing successes, challenges, asking questions, motivation and more!

In her unique style each of the six weeks will be adding simplified knowledge on to the previous week while combining accountability, goal setting, reflection, and Question periods to ask the questions that you need for you.

What you will cover every week

Week 1 – Mindset, Goal Setting & Being Active
Week 2 – Labels & Ingredients and how they affect us
Week 3 – Portions, Combinations & Consumption Timing of Foods and Meal planning 
Week 4 – Different Diet Trends – Fads, Pros, Cons & Consequences (Keto, Paleto, No Calorie counting)
Week 5 – Nutrients, what they do and eating to consume what you need
Week 6 – Sustaining the Health”ier” lifestyle long-term. Through emotional times, holiday times and general life!

Once you have registered, you will receive an email asking a bit more about your personal health journey. This will remain confidential. Your story will be your own and therefore will only be shared to the group if you wish.

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