Feeling ugh is quite common for people today.

What causes the UGH?

That bloating, gas feeling that you experience can be related to different causes.

The most common one has to do with poor elimination. You should be eliminating every day at least twice a day. If you have problems with this you need to increase your fiber intake and think about adding probiotics to your diet.

Using a good quality yogurt that is organic is one way, but the fastest way is to use a good probiotic such as UDO’s found in your local health food store. People are often confused about probiotics and their uses in our bodies. Probiotics benefits are too many to list but here are a few common ones, stimulates the gut’s immune system, make compounds that keep harmful bacteria from spreading, helping to prevent infections, help with digestion by helping our bodies to digest food more efficiently, help to metabolize certain vitamins and break down toxins and last but not least they help to keep our colon healthy and working properly.

The balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut can change quite quickly, especially when antibiotics, poor nutrition, inflammation and stress can all kill off the helpful bacteria in the gut. Drugs like birth control pill, corticosteroids, NSAIDs and aspirin can also have a negative impact on our gut bacteria. If you are on any of these drugs it is recommended that you take a probiotic daily to help keep you balance.

You can also take probiotics away on vacation. There are now good products out there that do not have to be refrigerated as most probiotics need this. Why do they need to be refrigerated? It is because probiotics are a live organism and heat will kill them off quickly.

It is surprising how quickly adding a probiotic to your daily regime will eliminate many symptoms associated with digestive issues. If you would like to learn more and get rid of that ugh feeling once and for all, please contact me at Gwen Cottingham and I will be glad to help you in any way.

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