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About Gwen

About Gwen

I am Gwen Cottingham

Personal Profile

Gwen and her husband of 33 years have two kids and 3 grandchildren. Musically talented, she plays the piano, guitar and the viola. Gwen loves to be in her garden growing anything but when she comes in from outside what makes her so successful in staying up to date on the latest food issues is she enjoys long bouts of quiet time to read and learn new things. She is most proud that her dad taught her carpentry, plumbing and electrical and that she can nail better and faster than her father and two older brothers! She’s not slowing down either – on her bucket list: learning to curl and paint.


  • Current Director of the Bradford Board of Trade
  • Member, Bradford West Gwillimbury Downtown Revitalization Committee
  • Past Chair, Parent Council at a local school for 8 years (during that time she got a new addition put on a 2-yr. old school – a first!)
  • Lunch Coordinator
  • Owner, Franchise, Simply For Life
  • Director/Secretary for BWG Initiative and Help Cook Initiative, a ??
  • Salesperson, Jeunesse Skin Line (most popular product: Instantly Ageless!

~Gwen Cottingham, RHN, CCP