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What does a Registered Holistic Nutritionist do?
Is it Right for Me?

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, uses evidence-based and science-based tools to help guide clients through their health goals and concerns. Recommendations include dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation changes. They work alongside healthcare providers to deal with many aspects involved in a client’s health.

My Approach

As a R.H.N & C.L.C. I blend both modalities in my recommendations and my practices with my clients. My belief is that Mind & body both need nurturing to build a sustainable plan. I believe in combining holistic solutions with conventional solutions and dig deep to source not just the cause but solutions that fit you.

Honest Results

Forget the fads, the gimmicks, the false promises for quick results. We know that sustainability is not put in place over night. You are here because you want someone who is real, honest and supportive. You are tired and overwhelmed of wrong information and not achieving your goals. Let’s get started with a free consultation. I am ready, are you?

Wellness Coaching
Meals-To-Go (Prep & Delivery)
Women & Children's Health
Allergies & Food Sensitivities
Healthy Weight Loss
Vitamins & Supplements

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

You know you want to feel better and you are trying hard, but if you feel frustrated, lost, confused, and are struggling to manage your eating, your mind, your emotions & your body.

You are not alone.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there and it can very quickly  turn into a state of overwhelm and misinformation. Good news, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.  Better health & more happiness can easily be cultivated when you have the right information, the right strategies & tools, and the right Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Life Coach.

Regardless of where you are  today or how much you think you can handle,
I work with you to define your journey and assisting you to focus on the steps to get there that make sense for you.

Your HEALTHY & HAPPY LIFESTYLE is defined by you. You are here because you want real & personalized support to help you look, feel & perform better in your life.

Are you ready to become the healthiest & happiest version of yourself?

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” Gwen has helped me immensely with my food sensitivity issues as well as being a font of nutritional information.

Gwen has a calming effect so if you are feeling stressful and confused, please reach out to her!”
Deb D.

“Gwen is so knowledgeable and has a great balance between the conventional methods and holistic side. She focuses on solving the root of the issue versus a band-aid solution and is always open to discuss what works for me and my family and simplifies things.

Elsie K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what and I do and how I can help you!

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist vs. Holistic Nutritionist

Registered Holistic Nutritionist
– Study natural nutrition diploma program and follow a code of ethics and use evidence-based & science-based tools to guide clients through their health concerns.

– Use scientific research, practice-based evidence as well as government approved tools.

– Often more “alternative” treatment plans that do not have to be evidence-based and are not regulated.

Some things I can assist you with:
  • Chronic pain management
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Detoxification/cleansing
  • Disease prevention
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Metabolic Nutrition
  • Mood imbalances
  • Stress and sleep issues
  • Healthy Weight loss
  • Meal Plans
  • Accountability & Maintenance Coaching


Does your Health Benefits COver my services

Currently, holistic nutrition services are covered under some healthcare benefits plans as “Nutritional Counselling”. Companies such as Greenshield and Manulife will cover my services. However, you will need to check your benefits plans to see if nutritional counselling is covered as no 2 company plans, even from the same provider, are identical. .


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